Days 183-186 RV fun days in TTO

The days are literally blending together. Which could be a good thing or not so good. I’d like to think it’s a good thing!

We’re getting into a routine in this current park we’re staying in which makes blogging kinda tricky. I can see this is the same issue Luke came up against when he felt like not writing anymore.

I literally forgot to write the past 4 days hence I’m making this one HUGE 4 day catch up versus stopping all together. That would just be silly. 😀

Today is actually my grandmother Concetta’s birthday. She was born in 1910 so If she was still alive she’s be 110!!

Back to what we did these past 4 days. To recap and keep it brief and fun ( I promised Luke I would go on a bike ride before my 9am call!) we are having a blast hanging with my friend Bryanna and her family. She blogs as well but on a much grander scale and helps so many people just starting out figure out how to make the RV life work. She also blogs about where to travel in the country!! She can be found at on the web at crazy family!

In the last 4 days we’ve played in a volleyball tournament, hit the pool and hot tub, figured out our travel plans thru the end of February and are working on where to go come March – June!! It’s all so exciting being able to go anywhere anytime you want to.

We’ve also had friends over to hang in the B loop. Bryanna and her family did that yesterday and it was fun to “entertain”. I enjoy having people over and making snacks and yummy stuff to munch on. I haven’t done that much since living in the RV.

Yesterday was big time playoff games so of of course we stayed local and watched the games on our outside TV while we played in the field.

On Friday our dear friends from Alaska departed for their next location but plan to see us again when we head to the keys in late January.

Life really is good! We have no complaints.

Ok I’m off to ride with my son but promise to keep better tabs on this blogging assignment I’ve been given. Might even pass it on to another family member if they’ll take me up on it! 😀

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