Day 182- New Years Day + Fun in B loop

So we’ve come to learn that there is a special place kids gather in the RV park called the B loop.

Today was no different. We initially weren’t given a spot in B loop because it was full but we knew spots would open up. And they did!

Joe got up early. Jumped in the jeep and waited for a couple to pull out of the spot we wanted in B loop. The park is cool in that they allow current residents to move around the park before they let new people in at 12noon everyday.

By 11:30am we were in our new spot and excited for the day!

We got invited to a volleyball tournament at 2pm. Joe was excited to go. He love la volleyball. I haven’t played in many years but it was fun to get out there and push myself. I have a mean serve but that’s where it ends for me. 😀 we had a great time!!

Our friends from Alaska are with us so it’s fun for the kids to play while Joe and I sneak away to the hot tub. It was broken but we still had fun taking a dip in the pool. Anything to take a break and get away

The night ended with us all ordering pizza and I decided to batch cook before the weekend to get back on track with our diets a little more.

It’s rough eating out that many days last week! It’s time for some good ol’ home cooking!!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings as we hang on Orlando at one of our favorite parks for 11 more days!!

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