Day 175 – Christmas!

Interestingly enough we didn’t take 1 picture Christmas Day in the hotel. It’s the truth. The day ended and I was like “wow, I’ve got no pics.”

Gotta admit it was a sort of weird Christmas waking up to no tree and gifts on a table- cool thing was Santa comes no matter where you go!! 😀

What I’m really starting to appreciate is that home really is where we go so it doesn’t matter so much beyond that.

We all agreed before we left that Santa was bringing 1 big gift each to NY and that smaller gifts from mom and dad would be given before we left. Kid’s were ok with that and kinda know Santa is a symbol of the season and we’re the real deal!

Girls got a camera each they wanted to take pics on the road and Luke got a smart watch. Joe got a cool selfie stick and I asked for a new watch. It was a calm and simple Christmas and I really liked it that day.

We decided to get the kids books they wanted as a surprise. Luke got a book on money and the girls got the Elephant and Piggie series because Sydney asked!! Those books never get old!

The late afternoon was spent at my cousin Joanne and David’s house with David’s cousins from his mom’s side. It was literally Christmas Eve again but with a different Italian family.

It was awesome! So many Italians in 1 house 😀 I spent time catching up with his cousins since I’ve known many of them since I’m a kid! It’s amazing how quick time flies and before you know it you’re 46 with 3 kids!! We left around 10pm with bellies and hearts full!

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