Day 174- Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was incredible as always. We spent it with my 40+ Italian cousins and aunts and uncles.

But before that we needed a little “clean up” so we visited our favorite hairdresser and friend – Chris- who gave the kids haircuts while Joe and I visited our other dear friend and owner of Tres Jolie salon- Ernesto!

If that wasn’t enough Luke was invited to play soccer with his friend Evan before haircuts. It’s amazing what you can fit into a day when you focus 😀

Here they are with Evan’s dad-TJ! Best family!

Then we headed to NJ for Gentile Christmas!!

What can I say it’s my favorite day of the year for many reasons. I grew up with these cousins my whole life so when we get together it’s not thing but pure magic and wonderful conversations.

It was a great night that ended at 11pm. Whoohah. That was a long day and night but well worth it.

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