Day 170- Horseback Riding + Rig Cleanout

On Friday we took Caitlin horseback riding. Well more like horseback walking but it was still a lovely time!!

Caitlin likes to go faaaaast so for her this

was kinda a joke. We had a convo about gratitude and being thankful for what we have and how about enjoying the horse you’re riding and the beautiful scenery!

(Every moment is a teaching moment with kids if you make it one!!)

When we got home we decided to give out some early Christmas gifts given that we’ll be traveling to NY and I’m not a fan of lugging tons of stuff home. Kids agreed and were happy to hear 1 “big” gift each would be given on Christmas Day in the hotel suite we’re staying in for the week while visiting!!

Girls got these cool mini backpacks so they can bring their iPads and a few Books and “stuffies” aka stuffed animals on the plane!

We then had lunch and decided it was RV clean it day. Ok so I decided it was clean out day but the family went along with me.

I do this every year when we owned a home really does help control the amount of stuff you you have around you!! (Chapter 4 of my book: Woman Unleashed- Get the junk out!)

Here’s the all hell breaking lose phase of the cleanup. clean up.

The fun part of all this was as we went through cleaning up, Joe and I had a convo about how we’re going to start putting our money into experiences in 2020 and none into trinkets.

Unless of course it’s a stuffie from a National Park! We’re all still very fond of “Acadia” the moose we bought from Acadia National Park. Not to mention Joe loves moose so we got it for him!!

We also decided to double the kids college fund by March 2020 and to start saving for a down payment on a new house come next September!

After pulling all the luggage out of the rig along with ski jackets, boots and gloves to prepare for our departure to NY on Sunday I decided to cook up a small storm of salchichas (family name for enchiladas), meatballs and rice for dinner!

The girls and I after eating dinner decided we had 45 minutes till the pool closed so we made a run for it!! We only live 2 min so it was a quick bike ride.

40 minutes later we were back home but not before I met some lovely people from PA in the hot tub We had a marvelous time chatting about life, living outside the box a little and how short life is!!!

Girls came back and I’d say they started to get ready for bed but really they were just getting started making a zip line across the RV. Yeah. For their stuffies!!

Joe and I worked till late in the night because we know next week will be tricky to get any real work done!

It’s all good tho. We both life what we do so the experience is always pleasant!!

Till tomorrow when we talk about our last day at Ft Wildnerness… till we come back in February!!!!

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