Day 169- Hoop De Doo Review + Chill Day

Thursday was a MUCH needed chill day.

The kids are learning when you don’t live off caffeine, sugar and processed foods that give you quick highs and low lows you’ve gotta slow down cause the body just doesn’t have it in it to keep going!!

Here we are at the pool!!

The day like I said was chill till we went to the Hoop De Doo Review at 6pm.

That was an absolute blast. We haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

If I haven’t said it before Disney does a really nice job on its shows and events they plan! Someone got that right. Their branding is spot on 😀

Prior to the hoop dee doo we all rode bikes and spent time chillaxing. It’s a lost art if you ask me!

We walked to the show and walked back. Most people here at Ft Wildness use golf carts. We couldn’t get one nor did we want one. It’s kinda nice riding everywhere and walking. It slows life down to a manageable pace.

Altho we played tag on the walk home which riled everyone up and Sydney ended up tripping and hurt her knees. We carried her home!

When we finally got home I’m pretty sure we all just bent to bed or at least I know I did!

We knew Friday was a day of horseback riding for Cate’s bday in the morning and then cleaning out the rig to prepare for departure to NY!!

I’m also a huge fan of making room for “stuff” coming from family and Santa in NY so I cleaned with a gleam in my eye and a joy in my heart!

Till tomorrow…

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