Day 168 Coral Reef Restaurant + Last Day For Disney

Wednesday was a slow day as we were all worn out from the days before. Well except for Joe who can just keep going all day and night !!

We booked dinner 3 months in advance to eat at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot. It’s the 2nd largest aquarium in the world!!

We also celebrated Caitlin’s 10th bday which is coming up on Dec 23!

The day started our relaxed which is needed. Kids did their school work and Joe and I got some work done.

It was a kinda tense morning for whatever reason. Kids always seem to have something they argue about and we are constantly figuring out as a family how to accept each other’s differences and just get along.

I’d say that was one of our biggest breakthroughs lately- learning how to all get along and accept each other for who we are.

The girls and I after lunch decided to take a bike ride to get some fresh air. Luke and Joe hung out in the coach knowing we were leaving for Disney in a little bit!

Joe had a few rides he really wanted to get on including Mission Earth and Test Track!

We always seem to get to the park later than we want to but that’s because I know it’s a long day/night and I can’t stand relying on artificial energy 😀 to get us through (read as ice cream, donuts, popcorn, pretzels and all the other stuff they sell at Disney on every street corner and shop!

Just can’t take the sugar addiction expert and health coach out of me no matter where we go!!

Here we are at the aquarium after dinner! It was beyond awesome. And the kids loved how up close and personal we were with so many sea creatures.

The park felt empty after dinner which was so fun. We ran from experience to experience in Futureworld at Epcot seeing Nemo and friends and talking with “Crush” from that same movie. The kids enjoyed the comedy involved and I learned a few things about sea turtles, sea horses and clown fish.

Did you know that a clown fish does travel more than 1 meter from its home it’s whole life??? And that a sea horse once it finds its mate stays with them forever! How romantic.

Luke is not a fan of roller coasters and Joe convinced him that Test track was not a coaster which is wasn’t. It was however a very fast moving car ride that tested all sorts of weather conditions and accelerations in a car that you got to virtually design! It was a brilliant concept. We all laughed as we accelerated to 70mph in no time flat. Luke loves that his car that he designed with Caitlin and Joe beat our car in 4 out of 5 competitions 😀

The night ended with us all running from the tram to our car to stay warm- it was coooold yesterday in Orlando- like 55-60 degrees and windy. I had a scarf on!

Thursday is a more chill day so let’s see how it plays out… stay tuned.

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