Day 167- Morning Pool + More Disney!

Tuesday the family split up!! I coached in the morning and Joe and Caitlin wanted to ride roller coasters so they took off early for Hollywood Studios!

I decided to take Sydney and Luke to the pool before hopping on my 11am call. That was fun slipping in some fun so early in the morning!

They’ve got a water slide and a kiddie spray park. The 3 of us were hysterical running from slide to spray park. We were the only ones there so we had a run of the place!

When we got back to the RV the kids did schoolwork while I coached and Joe and Cate has a blast at the park I was told!

They had lunch together and went from show to show and even tried the bumper cars.

We have this rule in the Edden house that we don’t wait an hour for a 3 min ride. It’s just not worth it so they didn’t get to ride any roller coasters today! They may try and fast pass the Slinky Dog coaster at Hollywood Studios next time we’re there.

By 2pm we all agreed to meet at Epcot since Joe left me the car- he and Cate took the bus from Ft Wilderness!

Right before we walked the World Showcase we went to a show that taught the kids all about the history of our country. It was incredible (that covered homeschooling history for the week!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve walked the World Showcase. This was the kids‘ first time.

Took a pic of the coy pond in Japan
Music about Chanukah

We ate dinner in Mexico which was pretty tasty. You can actually eat fairly healthy if you navigate the menu the right way!

The night ended with a ride in the Epcot globe called Spaceship earth. It teaches you all about where we’ve come since the beginning of time.

The family agreed we had enough for the night and headed back to the tram to our car.

It’s amazing how much energy is required to walk the park at Disney! Till tomorrow …

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