Day 166- Magic Kingdom we’re back!

Today is pure magic. I worked in the morning thru early afternoon and then we took off for the Magic Kingdom!

Before we left we had a family meeting about what it means to get along and to respect eachother. We have those often!!!

They’re all good. We’re learning how to respect each other’s differences. Luke and I then took a quick bike ride to “cool off” and think through what happened. It was awesome

Joe had the idea to bike ride to the ferry that takes us to the Kingdom. Everyone else take a golf cart. Not us.

Given we’re New Yorkers we decided to bring a huge lock to make sure no one steals them. ( you can take a person out of NY ….)

Here we are all smiles on the ferry. Whoohooo

The night

Magic Kingdom was magical. We went to a character dinner to have some added fun! We met childhood favorites like Tigger, Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore!

The night ended with the most incredible fireworks show I think we’ve ever seen!

I’ve come to appreciate the magic of Disney when you look past all the crowds and shops and sweets everywhere … extreme thoughtfulness is put into EVERYTHING they do. And the Edden’s are appreciative.

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