Day 165- Ft Wilderness we’re here+ Hollywood Studios!!

Sunday was extraordinary on many levels. We are at Ft Wilderness and we’ve never been here before ( except for Joe a long time ago!)

Today we hit up Hollywood Studios. Girls have never been there and Joe and I haven’t been here in many many years.

Luke asked to stay home because it was NFL day! The kid is committed.

We left after lunch because we like to miss the crowds as much as possible.

The girls had a blast at the Indiana Jones show and the Muppet show. So fun!!

Joe and I were like 2 kids in a candy shop heading into Star Wars land! I think we had tears when we arrived. It was so realistic and we are huge fans!!

One of the photographers caught wind of it being our first time there and offered us “gift”

We skipped the 90 minute wait time to ride the Millenium Falcon! The girls were the pilots and Joe and I were gunners.

Here we are in the millennium falcon waiting to ride as gunners and pilots. Sooo cool.

Before we knew it we looked up and it was 9pm! Time flies in the park!!

When we got home we were all so tired as you can imagine so we gave Luke big kisses, got caught up with Luke on NFL scores and all went to bed.

Monday is Magic Kingdom!! We go by ferry.

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