Day 164- Disney here we come!

Luke woke up with this amazing idea to watch the sun rise! It was more incredible than my pics show!!

We found this cool Portuguese man of war. A friend of ours touched one and it popped in her hand. Man did that sting!

By 9:30am we said goodbye to our friends.

Helen, Wolfie and their most amazing dog, buddy were our neighbors for 2 weeks. They were great and we’re convinced buddy is literally a human trapped in a dog suit!

Helen runs an amazing dog training facility in Dayton, Tennessee called Pawsitive! I told her I am literally bringing my pup there so she can train them to be just like buddy. He is so attentive and smart and fun to play with.

Smartest dog trainer out there -Helen.
Here’s buddy!

After saying goodbye to our new fiends we drove A LOT or should I say Joe drove a lot! 7 hrs. We never drive that much in 1 day but we wanted to get from the Keys to Orlando in 1 shot and Joe wanted to visit his childhood friend, Eddie in Daytona Beach! That was fun.

We arrived at Disney’s Fort Wilderness at 8pm and man were we bushed. God bless Joe for driving as much as he did with a smile on his face the whole time!

Joe’s face leaving the keys tells all!

Disney here we are!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 164- Disney here we come!

  1. One small edit (I only mention ones I think are important), and feel free to delete this comment after. Change “fiends” to “friends” in the line “After saying goodbye to our new fiends”.


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