Day 164- kayaking + sunset grille

Friday was our last day in the Keys for a while. We come back to aNother resort in the Keys late January.

It was a day where the kids were playing in the morning and Joe and I got some work done.

The kids have a new homeschooling routine which gives them some flexibility to do what works they want every day and record it in their work journals. They must cover reading, writing and math and then do whatever else they’d like. So far so good.

They invited us out to Sunset Grille. A fun little place right on the water where kids go in the pool right where you eat your food. Brilliant concept.

These are some of the new friends we’ve made. Amongst all of us we have 11 kids. So fun!

Here’s the whole gang! We added in another family with I believe 5 kids, 4 of which came to dinner so we had a true shin dig
Here’s me with 2 of my new friends. We said we’d make sure to meet up again in January/February.

Here’s the thing about full time traveling families – they are all so open minded and welcoming and kind. They all make you feel like family and invite you on. A little different than living in NY for sure!

I’m going to try and find the kayak pics I took of all the kids out boating before we had to return them to the rental place. Even tho some (most) would argue spending $400 for 2 kayaks for 2 weeks to me it was the best money spent!! I loved having them right by my RV so whenever I wanted to use one I could. The kids and I had some fun adventures the last 2 weeks using them!

When we got back from Sunset Grille Caitlin and Luke went to bed and Sydney and I did a little school work and then went to bed. It was a most satisfying day!

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