Day 163- Rainy morning + More Conch!!

Yesterday was divine! Not exactly the words of an 11 year old but given that Luke is still on his hiatus from blogging I’m going to use it.

The Keys have to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited…yet. I know once we hit the national parks that’s going to change but for now I’m loving this blue water and waking up to the view!!

We’ve met the nicest people ever this last week. Not to say our other new friends aren’t incredible it’s just that these are the newest friends so it’s fresh in my mind 😀

And they’re super funny too! Our kids love their kids and now I’m starting to understand how families stay on the road for years. Your family is who you’re with that day, week or month.

Redefining family has been a huge piece of this for me and Joe and the kids.

Our family on the East Coast will always be our family but family can be extended past blood relatives and that’s more than ok!

I believe that’s how life should be lived!! Finding family every where you go.

Nancy, Larry and the kids!!

Yesterday we walked to conch island! You can do that when the tide is low enough. A bunch of us went about 3/4 of the way there and had enough but not before we found a conch shell with a conch in it!!

(Conch is pronounced conk!! I had no idea. Our dear neighbors for the last 2 weeks Helen and Wolfie just taught us that yesterday. Lol. They said “you must be from NY” yup!”

They have the cutest dog ever- buddy!! Helen trains dogs for a living and has a school back in Tennessee so you can only imagine how disciplined buddy is and his personality is hysterical.

Ok back to conch!

Here’s how most of the day played out!!

Luke walking under the bridge at low tide

The night ended hanging with our new friends and going to bed!!! Long days make for quick nights. Friday our last day in the keys was a hoot. Stay tuned!!

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