Day 162 Conch Island!!!!

Wednesday was so fun I think I’m going to just bombard you with pictures so you can take it all in 😀

We used our 2 two man kayaks which we turned into a 3 man kayak so that we could all go visit some cool little Island right near our RV Resort.

It’s called Conch Island.

Joe and I had visited it a few days ago alone but going with the kids was way more fun.

The kayak ride there had us exploring the shallow waters looking for sea creatures.

We saw a star fish! I’ve never seen one that big. We saw a sting ray. Soooo cool. We saw the coolest schools of fish and conch shells and jelly fish and well the list goes on and on.

This is the big conch shell Joe found in the ocean on the way to Conch Island. There was a HUGE crab living in that we didn’t know about until he made his entrance on the kayak seat after Joe put it down for us to take home! I’ve never seen Joe haul out of a boat that quick. 😀 we laughed for at least 10 minutes

We found snails on the island and hermit crabs and jelly fish and people!! I guess you’re allowed to pitch a tent for the night and hang out. A little campfire was going- lol.

We spent a total of about 3 hrs on the water and the island combined. It was wonderful exploring the rocks and shells and just being so close to nature.

Back in NY it was easy to forget that and especially this time of year when it’s snowing back in NY!

It’s kinda strange for it to be December and the weather be so warm.

I keep reminding myself it’s Christmas time by playing holiday music!!

On December 22 we fly back to NY for a week to be with family so that should make it all too real very soon!!!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that our new friends from Alaska make the BEST smoke salmon- they catch it themselves and can it so they have stores for the year!- tThey gave us some as a gift before they took off for their next campground. Sydney who doesn’t ever eat fish LOVES it so I made a quick afternoon lunch and gave it to her.

We ended the day watching the Polar Express after I whipped up a dinner of burgers and salad. Cate of course after her favorite rice and beans and she made the guacamole. It was so good!!

Today is a rainy Day here in the Keys so let’s see what kind of fun we can find!! Stay tuned.

Luke unfortunately fell of his bike last night and hurt his wrist pretty badly but nothing is broken so we’re grateful for that.

(Update: Luke is doing great today. Wrist is a little sore and he actually didn’t fall from trying no hands. He was holding a pool bag while riding and it got caught in his spokes! Poor kid. Lesson learned)

4 thoughts on “Day 162 Conch Island!!!!

  1. As soon as you mentioned Luke was learning to ride hands free, I worried I’d see this kind of followup. Glad he isn’t hurt more though! Riding hands free is fun, but not at all necessary, so best to learn slowly over the course of a year. And that starfish! Wow! I think if I saw one like that in real life out “in the wild”, I’d flip out. So cool!!!


  2. Hey riley here – friends from alaska –

    I like to read your blog alot!!! And i think its really cool, I cant wait to see you guys again I Miss playing with y’all, So keep blogging so i can hear about the keys cause i miss it.


      1. Yeah, I’m really bored and miss playing with you guys!! cant wait to party with yall back in tto, lol.

        we even get to celebrate new years together!

        never celebrated new years with friends before so it’ll be an experience that i will never forget!


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