Day 160+ 161- More fun in the keys!

Monday and Tuesday flew by so I decided to talk about them together and what we’ve been learning as a family being in the Keys for almost 2 weeks!

I worked both days till about 1:30pm but honestly when this is your view how can you complain! And I happen to love what I do.

Adventure is everywhere you just need to get out and find it!!

Luke decided he wanted to start learning how to ride hands free on his bike and did that a lot in the beginning of the week!

The girls played with their new friend at her RV before we decided to hit the pool!

At the pool there were A LOT of kids! Our kids naturally gravitated over to them and at some point one kid pointed out “hey I think that’s “#15” from thousand trails Orlando!

They were referring to Luke and his Patrick Mahomes (quarterback for the Chiefs!) t shirt he was wearing while playing in the field with them last month.

Sooo funny.

Joe and I hopped on a Skype call with a dear friend of mine and Montessori teacher extraordinaire, Maren Schmidt, to help us refine our homeschooling! The kids weren’t enjoying the current curriculum I had set up for them and how they were learning so I needed help tweaking the current set up!

Maren was amazing. She helped us rethink the kids using their iPads to follow a set protocol on line! We also have gotten back to our original way of thinking about how kids learn best- follow the child!!

After the call I immediately got to work making changes and talking to the kids about the latest tweaks to their homeschooling. They loved it and now have the freedom to choose their daily work so long as they make sure they always cover reading, some form of writing and math!

The each have a bin and a checklist of work to choose from and a work journal to record how they spent their time. Love!! If you’ve got homeschooling issues or simply want a fresh perspective on how your kids are learning Maren is your girl!! You can look her up and make an appt.

Wednesday was an exciting day kayaking and exploring so I’m going to save all the fun pics for day 162!!!

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