Day 159- NFL day + Conch Island!!!

Yesterday we tried out our snorkeling gear for the first time in the pool! Kids had fun figuring out how the breathing works. Gets you every time!!

It’s also NFL day so Luke spent a good amt of time watching the game and keeping track of who scored what. He told me yesterday he’s #1 on one of his fantasy football leagues and he feels pretty proud.

Such a cute kid!

Joe and I took off in the kayak and paddle board and went to explore conch island. It a tiny island about a 20 minute kayak or paddle board ride from our site.

This is a pic of me before I got tired and hitched up my paddle board to Joe’s kayak 😀

Here I am hitched up. Sooo much easier on the arms to paddle board when someone keeps the board straight. It was windy yesterday which always makes it tricky to paddle.

The island was lovely and very small as I had mentioned. It had a few nice shells and fragments of coral we took back with us.

This is conch island. Joe insisted on snapping a pic. You can see it’s mostly rocks and dried fragments of the sea with tons of snails living in the pockets of water on the island!!

After our adventure we went back to the place we rented the paddle board and swapped it out for 2 double kayaks so we could go exploring as a family this week!

We returned home tired from all the kayaking at which point I made dinner while we watched the next game that was on. Sunday’s are very serious in the Edden house. Lol. It’s game time all day.

The girls went to a magic show in the game room- so fun what they do on Sundays- and had ice cream for Sunday’s sundaes. It their ice cream social and I just couldn’t Say no!

It was a calm evening with all of us tired from our day so by 9ish the wound down and Luke watched a little more of the evening game on.

And that was our exciting day in the Keys. The weather and ocean view just don’t get old!!

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