Day 158- kayak exploration + new oven day

Saturday was a super fun day. It’s always good times when we don’t go anywhere and we just enjoy the place we’re living at the moment.

Joe took the day to replace our new old oven with an upgraded version that doesn’t burn half the muffins while barely cooking the rest. Lol.

He’s amazing like that. I didn’t even ask. He just said I had enough. We need a better oven to cook our food. That’s my guy!!

After …

Joe is really good like that. He gets his mind on something and just does it. We tried it last night to cook sweet potatoes fries cooked in coconut oil and they came out perfect. Ahhhh

I found out it can steam and air fry too! Not sure how to use those features yet but you know I’m going to read the manual. Go Joe!

Saturday afternoon was mostly pool day and Luke and I played tennis. Sooooo fun!!

Girls made a new friend from Alaska so they were busy playing with Ali.

I worked a little bit in the morning and had 1 sugar freedom strategy session for a woman looking to manage her sugar before the holidays. That always amazes and excites me when women don’t want to settle and wait they want to take back control now!! She signed up on Sunday which made my heart sing. Another Woman about to learn the Sugar Freedom Method!

The afternoon was kayaking with the girls while Luke hung around the RV and talked with his friends.

Joe worked on the stove 😀

Here’s the view from the RV with double kayaks. So glad we rented them for the week.

The day ended with us eating a delish meal cooked on the stove. Waited to use the oven till Sunday!!! It’s amazing what you can cook in an RV- basically anything you would in your home if you just take the time to prep and cook it.

Ok, Sunday was way more fun in my opinion so I’m going to end there and share Sunday Funday in a bit. Xx

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