Day 157- Key West

Friday was a super fun day.

Joe and I worked in the morning and headed out to Key West around 12:30pm

We all have never been there so it was fun to explore a new place.

The drive to get to Key West was spectacular.

We had lunch at a delish place called Mangoes. Then we walked around a bit, had ice cream, did some ornament shopping and then decided to visit the Southern most tip of the United States!

Ahhh more ornaments!
Here we are!!
The most amazing sunset!

Mallory square is loaded with street performers and amazing talented artists. We met a guy who cuts up coconuts with a machete like it’s no one’s business! We bought 3 because why not!!

The night ended with some quick food shopping and home to eat dinner and crash.

It was a looooong day so we decided that Saturday would be a chill day!!

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