Day 156- The Keys, fishing + kayak adventures!

And the days just keep on blending together! I’ll take it as a good thing.

On Thursday our friends were leaving the next day so we spent a lot of time just hanging out with them at the park.

Here they are from the day before when we all went to Turtle hospital. They’re from Alaska and decided to go full time a year ago. This is the second family from Alaska we’ve met on the road and seriously they are the kindest!

Nikki, seen above, returns to Alaska every year to fish. It’s apparently a huge event. She gifted me and Sydney wild caught salmon that they smoked and it’s out of this world!!!

But I digress. Thursday was a low key day like I had said.

I worked for a good part of the day from
The picnic table. Here’s my glorious view.
The kids and I then went for a kayak ride. More to come on this adventures. That day we just hopped on them and stayed local meaning right by the shore.

The night ended with us inviting the friends over to watch a Christmas movie. There is something about watching Elf. It just never gets old!!!

I remember that night we were all exhausted and fell right to sleep which was a good thing because Joe wanted to visit Key West on Friday and we knew that would be a long day!!!

Stay tuned for more…