Day 155- Turtle Hospital + Birthdays!

Yesterday was Sydney’s 7th birthday. We had an absolute blast celebrating with her.

We then went to a Turtle Hospital in the afternoon to learn about these beautiful sea creatures and how they get help when they get injured- benefits of homeschooling! They gave us some free gifts!

We met the amazing staff there. This staff
member spends 30 minutes preparing the injured turtle’s shell for weights.

Once the shell dries he attaches weights and has to wait an hour for them to dry. The weights are the exact weight needed so the turtles can dive and also swim to the surface to get air.

Turtles when they eat too much garbage in the ocean get bubbles in their intestines which causes them to not be able to dive. The weights fix the issue until the air pockets go away. Sometimes they never do and the weights are permanent.
These are some of the injured turtles they’re rehabbing in the hospital.
Sydney happens to love turtles so it was an extra special day for her!

By end of day we had decided to rent a kayak and a paddle board for the kids and I for the week! Joe and I had to paddle our way back to our site at sundown. It was incredible to be on the ocean when the sun went down. We would have taken a picture but we left our phones in the Jeep in case we fell in the water. Paddle boarding with a heavy wind is kinda tricky and for sure was an amazing arm workout 😀

The night ended with a few families singing happy birthday to Sydney. It was good times!