Day 153 and 154 in the Keys!!

We’re having so much fun here in The Keys that the days are blending together not to mention we’ve pretty much been hanging around the park because it’s so much fun with new friends we’ve met. I decided to write about Monday and Tuesday together!

Monday was my 45th birthday. The kids and I decorated cupcakes to celebrate. The neighbors came over and we all sang.

Monday we all went in the beautiful blue ocean water that is literally right outside our RV door!

The weather has been cooperating amazingly! Monday was close to 85. Sooooo warm! And there is a breeze that blows that will literally blow the salad right off your plate!

Tuesday the weather was “colder”. The breeze was blowing and it was about 65 degrees. We went to the pool and jumped in knowing the water was sooo warm.

The kids played all day with their friends and Joe and I worked for a part of the day. It works out well that while we work the kids play.

Today we’re hitting a dolphin rescue center so I’m sure there will be much to talk about! I’m also planning to rent a paddle board and a kayak for the week so we can all explore the area!

Yesterday was literally a day of playing all day for the kids. I hit the pool with them around 2:30pm. We stayed till about 4 and then I returned home to make dinner and bake cupcakes for Sydney since her 7th birthday is today- December 4th!!

One thought on “Day 153 and 154 in the Keys!!

  1. Will you soon change the blog title to Jenn’s Journey Across The USA? 😉 Just kidding (although would be a funny prank for him)–really am enjoying all the posts, from anyone who wants to write them! Glad to see Luke tried out the ocean. I hate the ocean too, except when it’s really nice like in Hawaii or similar, so I’m not at all surprised to see he tried out the water there. The Keys have been on our to-do list for a few years now too, but so many of our trips lately have been in the early fall, and I don’t want to plan to be down there during hurricane season. Enjoy the rest of your time there!


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