Day 152- The Keys Day 2!!

The afternoon view today! It’s my 45th bday.

Joe felt bad that he needs to work for a part of the day but I’m not upset.

I’m making the most of my birthday by renting kayaks and hanging with the kids …

(just as soon as I locate them!!)

I told him I’m great and that this new spot he hooked us up with right by the water is the BEST gift.

More pics to come for The Keys fun we had today.

Now yesterday Was a somewhat quiet day. We hung around the campground and took in the sun and pool!! Love the pool.

The kids have their friends here and they spend a lot of time with them which is lovely and we don’t see them very much.

Joe was adamant about getting us on a campsite where we see the water.

We went from a view of bushes to a view of water. That’s true love and dedication. Original view and then the new view this morning. Whooohoooo!

Yesterday was also NFL day as you know. Luke doesn’t even miss the opportunity to show his mad skills in guessing who will won the day’s game! He was right the Ravens won!! Incredible 3pt kick by Tucker to take it with 4 seconds to go.

We ended the night kinda early because we were all tired from the day and I had cooked some yummy meals for the week and make some cupcakes we’re all going to decorate and eat today for my birthday!!

Stay tuned for our kayak adventures and whatever else we conjure up today! Xx

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