Day 151 The Keys!!!

We said goodbye to papa and grandma around 1pm and were on our way!

Joe visited them as a kid but hasn’t been there in over 35 years so he was just as excited if not more than us!

We’ve never been to the Keys so you can imagine the excitement driving down to them yesterday.

Here’s a pic we snapped off last night as the sun was going down. Its really beautiful here any time of day including nighttime with all the stars that can be seen!

We also put up our Christmas Tree last night. Joe surprised us with a little 2 ft pre lit tree. We didn’t bring any ornaments with us so we decided to buy some as we travel.

Our first is a gator from the Everglades. Can you see him?

One of the best parts of being in the keys other than just being here is that friends we met in Orlando said they’d be here when we were so as soon as we got to our campsite the kids ran out of the RV and started to play. Luke really likes his friend Riley so we’re going to see what we can do to find them again after the holidays.

While living in an RV has its drawbacks it for sure has its positives as well. Changing plans week to week based on who want to meet up with is one of my favorite parts of this trip.

Total flexibility and total control of your life and schedule!

Today we decided to stay at our campsite and explore the area since the beach is literally a hop, skip and jump away!

(And it’s NFL day for Luke and we like to respect that he likes to stay home and watch the games… all of them! He did mention he’d turn the outdoor TV on so at least he can take in the view and the warm breeze!)

More pics to come as we snap them off in the coming 12 days we’re down here!

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