Day 149 Happy Thanksgiving!

This was a very special Thanksgiving for us. It’s the first time we didn’t head into Brooklyn to be with Joe’s 5 siblings! We decided since we’re on the road it made sense to visit Joe’s parents who live in Ft Lauderdale!!

It also happened to be their 54th wedding anniversary the day before which was lovely to celebrate with them.

This was the first time in my 45 years on the planet that I was in a bathing suit on Thanksgiving day.

For those who have lived in a cold climate when Thanksgiving arrives it will make sense to say I felt like a fish out of water on Thanksgiving!

In fact I asked Luke what we did yesterday so I could write today’s blog since he said he still needed a break! He looked at me and said “Mom, yesterday was Thanksgiving!” That’s how out of sorts I feel.

Before dinner we all went around the table and shared what we were grateful for. It’s a lovely tradition. We all talked about being grateful for family. Joe added that he was grateful that we were able to make our trip happen! I agree.

What usually happens when we’re in Brooklyn is that we all call mom and dad in Florida and say hello! This year the family in Brooklyn called us and we got to go around the table and say hi to everyone!

Joe’s mom, Joanne, did an amazing job with Thanksgiving. She had the most delish turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, salad, and broccoli. It was a lovely feast!

The night ended with 2 kinds of pumpkin pie and 2 types of brownies with whipped cream or ice cream! Delish.

The kids decided they wanted to sleep at papa and grandmas house so Joe and I went home to a quiet RV to end the night!!

Today we had a marvelous day visiting our 3rd national park- The Everglades! Can’t wait to share what we learned there. Stay tuned.

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