Day 148- 54 Years Happily Married

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yesterday papa and grandma celebrated 54 years married. They are truly a lovely couple. Always going out of the way for eachother- well at least most of the time. Lol.

Yesterday we celebrated with them by going out to dinner. That’s not a regular occurrence in either of our households (except when we were on Sanibel island but who could say no to fresh grilled grouper!!!)

Earlier in the day we spent some time working in the RV before heading out to their house for some pool and hot tub time! That scenario never gets old!!

We then had traditional cocktail hour at 5pm before heading out to dinner. The kids lunch of cheese and crackers and other stuff grandma generously makes available. I do my usual club soda or just straight up water. 🙂

By 6pm we head out and enjoyed a most delicious steak dinner unless you’re Caitlin who doesn’t eat meat or fish of any kind. She’s our almost vegan in the house. Luke typically chooses grilled chicken and Sydney loves lamb.

The kids were planning on having a sleepover but Caitlin’s tummy was off and she asked to sleep at home so they all said they’d have a sleep over on Thursday night.

By 9pm we were all in our beds and ready to count some sheep. Grateful for another blessed day on this RV adventure we’re having.

2 thoughts on “Day 148- 54 Years Happily Married

  1. “Papa and Grandma” (Aunt Joanne and Uncle Frank to me!) are truly role models of the life lasting marriage😀😀😀

    Glad to be reading about all your Florida travels and can’t wait to see what is next after the holidays!!!!


  2. Great pictures! And wow! 54 years?! I recently celebrated 18 years with my partner, which is only 1/3 of 54. Can’t even imagine! 🙂


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