Day 146- National Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday we visited the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel island. It was a lovely 90 minute tour by trolley.

Our tour guide Dave taught us about the different birds that inhabit the island and the cool trees that are native to Sanibel. They are the Mangrove trees. They got their name from the many roots they have that keep them rooted in the water. They are the only tree that lives in salt water.

How cool is that! Their job is to protect the island as the first line of defense against hurricanes. Mother Nature is so smart.

Here’s Dave!

Sanibel Island is a special place to visit and for sure to live. The people are so friendly and everyone waves or smiles or says hello when they pass you on their bikes!

After the tour we took a hike at Bailey Tract. It is a refuge for wildlife that avoid the salty mangrove habitat. It’s a fresh water habitat home to rabbits, birds of all species, reptiles, a bob cat, snakes and more.

We were hoping to see the bobcat that we were told is friendly and shy but I’m thinking we made too much noise on the trial to see her.

After our hike we went back to our all time favorite place to eat- Island Cow.

We knew today’s move day takes a lot out of us so we tried to make it an early night.

The Ravens were playing the Rams so we stayed up a little later than we wanted with Luke watching the Ravens quarterback absolutely crush the Rams. What an absolutely incredible athlete.

Today we moved to Ft Lauderdale and had quite a lovely and uneventful day. We’ll talk all about it tomorrow!

Thanks again for being here with us. Xx

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