Day 145- Captiva Island!

Today was so fun. We took a tour of Sanibel’s National Wildlife Refuge. It’s also a move day tomorrow so that’s always fun to talk about.

We’re going to visit Joe’s parents in Ft Lauderdale for Thanksgiving so tomorrow we say goodbye to the Island. It’s been a good week here!

Yesterday the 4 of us drove to Captiva Island. It’s about 30 minutes north west of where we are staying.

We drove to the tip of the island and parked in the one spot they have available for day parking.

The view of the island was incredible from where we were. The only issue was it was breezy and Iran breezy! So I was hesitant to go into the water but the girls had no issues.

And let’s talk about the waves. They were incredible so we we stayed about 2 hrs and took in the view, the waves and the beauty of the island.

Joe and I debated which house we wanted to buy when we retire it was so beautiful and peaceful! 😀

We were told the busy season picks up in December and continues through April so we came at a perfect time!

There were just enough people!

Our day ended with a delish late lunch overlooking the water and coming home to Luke raving about the Jets winning their 3rd game in a row!!

Be back in touch tomorrow with our tour of the wildlife refuge.

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