Day 144- Sanibel Shells!

Today was super fun. We had brunch at our favorite spot on the island- The Island Cow. The people are amazing and the food is delish! More about today’s adventures tomorrow…

Let’s talk about yesterday. Luke stayed home because he’s not a huge fan of the beach! At first I was a bit sad and then I realized it’s his life too so it’s important to honor how he feels.

(Yeah Sundays are NFL day in our house so Luke stayed home again today when we visited Captiva Island!)

Honor your kids now and they will honor you later… but I digress.

The girls and I had a blast at the beach with Joe. We visited one of the shelliest beaches on the island and man were there shells! The girls and I picked our favorite and put them in a bucket to take back to the RV. We’re going to do something special with them when we find out next home.

Here’s me and the girls having a blast!

We ended our day at The Island Cow. It was a new place we had found that is kid friendly. We loved it so much we went back today!

It’s kinda funny because as I sit here to write I literally can’t recall what we did the rest of yesterday. The days just kinda blend when you’re on island time. 😀

I know it was a wonderful day and that I cancelled some morning appts so I could spend the day with the kids. It was just too fun.

I know when we got home from the beach Luke asked to bike around the island with me.

Of course I said yes! We raced around because sunlight was ending quickly and you’re not allowed to ride without a light.

For sure if we return I’m buying a bike light!!

The girls showered from the beach and were so tired they went right to bed.

Best days are happening here on Sanibel Island. I know why my mother in law comes here for her birthday every year. It’s good times!

I look forward to sharing some beautiful pics tomorrow from Captiva Island- the Island just north of Sanibel Island.

It had the most beautiful views!

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