Day 143 golf day!

Today we went to a beautiful shell filled beach about 20 minutes from our RV Park. We’ll talk all about that tomorrow!

Yesterday the boys went golfing at beautiful course 3 minutes from our park. Luke shot a 92 and Joe shot a 90.

Here they are midway through the round.

That was by far Luke’s best round ever played. He came home beaming that he played so well. Good for him!

I’m still waiting to break 100 😀

While the boys were out the girls went and visited the monkeys and parrots at the park. They just love feeding them and talking with the birds.

I finished up work and then we all took a bike ride on one of the many paths that line the island!! We picked a fun place for lunch- the blue giraffe- and spent time talking to eachother. It was a lovely afternoon.

The boys were home shortly after and we were still out and about so we decided to ride over to the local ice cream that came highly recommended to us!

I typically don’t eat ice cream because it just doesn’t make me feel good the next day but I did have a few bites of Joe’s homemade cookies and cream. It was delish!

When we were done it was almost dark. We learned from the gal in the ice cream shop that the police will pull you over at night if you don’t have a light on your bike. We didn’t have one so we rode home super fast before it got too dark! It was kinda fun racing against the sun!

The boys were super tired from a long day and no one was super hungry so we cut up some apples and ate those before going to bed.

It was a fun day exploring and I knew that the next day was a beach day so we needed to get a good night sleep!

Today’s shell collecting was off the charts amazing. We’ll share all about it and the super cool place we went for lunch tomorrow!

Thanks for being here with us. We hope you’re having fun coming along on this journey with us! Xx

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