Day 142- Sanibel Island Day 2

Sanibel Island is gorgeous. I learned from the gal in the ice cream shop today that right now is their quiet time. Come January- April traffic picks up and the line for ice cream shop can be 20 deep.

Yesterday was day 2 on Sanibel Island. The kids really love spending time with the parrots and spider monkeys they have at the park. I don’t blame them they’re really cute!

Joe and the girls played frisbee for a while in the afternoon while I jumped on a work call. Luke preferred not to go and hung out in his “room” which is really a glorified closet 😀

Luke prefers to have a lot of quiet time listening to music in the upper bunk or playing rocket league on his PS4 while he chats with his best friends and cousin Jake Back in NY.

We’re ok with that for the most part because we realize this trip, while exciting from the outside looking in, can be a big adjustment for kids!

Yesterday late afternoon Joe took me out to buy some birthday bathing suits. The ones I brought on the trip have gotten so chlorine exposure that they were needing to be replaced soon not to mention who doesn’t like new suits for their birthday. We’re heading to Key West shortly so that made it even nicer.

It was a quick dinner when we got home and we all kinda did our own thing in the RV before bed. Luke talking to friends, Joe doing a little work and the girls playing something fun in Sydney’s lower bunk. The girls got the most amazing coloring books as gifts before they left so they did a lot of that yesterday too!

Today was a fun day exploring the island by bike so I’ll have more to share about that tomorrow unless another guest blogger takes over!!

Luke said he needed a longer break from writing which I totally get.

Till tomorrow …

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