Day 141- Sanibel Island!

I’m baaaack sharing the blog posting responsibilities. I really don’t mind.

This RV adventure was 15 yrs in the making and to think we made it happen after all those years of planning and praying and doing whatever it took to make sure we were ready to go brings joy to my heart.

Now yesterday was a somewhat uneventful day so I’m going to keep it brief.

Move days are always tiring and yesterday was no exception.

It was wonderful having met so many amazing full time families over the past week and at the same time bitter sweet that we had to say goodbye for a while!

We have plans to meet back up in the Keys in early December and again in early January so that’s something to look forward to for sure!

The drive onto Sanibel Island was incredible. I’m sorry I didn’t get to snap off a pic. The glare from the sun was a bit much.

The RV park we’re staying in has zero kids. Zero. We kinda knew that leaving Orlando but we really wanted to see the island and experience something new.

Tomorrow we will talk all about the animals we met here at the park and the people. They are an older community of 70/80 year olds but the nicest people ever.

Till tomorrow!!

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