Day 140- Guest Blogger Mom It Is!

Today was a day of mixed feelings as we left new friends in Orlando to travel 4 hours to Sanibel Island, FL.

You can only stay at this particular park for 12 days and we were coming up on 10 so we had to leave regardless of the fact that we had made other fun plans before heading to Ft Lauderdale to have Thanksgiving with Joe’s parents!!

The good news about leaving is that we plan to see many of our new friend again in a few weeks when we head back into the Disney area but it was still hard to say goodbye.

Now yesterday was a fun day at the RV park in Orlando. We decided to skip another Disney excursion and give it a rest till we return mid December!

Sanibel Island is supposed to be amazing and at the same time we knew the kid to adult ratio was about to be severely diminished.

This meant that Joe and I worked a good part of the morning and I my case till about 2:30/3pm. It was as that point I decided it was kid time and I’d go outside and we what the kids were up to.

It was Pokémon central! All the kids were out in the field running around, trading cards, playing frisbee and doing things kids do- anything and everything fun!!

I visited my friend Sarah across the way to see what she was up to and then invited her back to our RV so she could eyeball the place and give organizational tips. She’s been on the road 1.5 yrs so I knew she’d take one look at my counters and have ideas!

And she did!!

I moved my knife set around. We plan to mount a few things on the wall and I even debated my toaster oven since Sarah said she doesn’t use one and she’s got 4 kids. She also does laundry every 10 days which I totally respect but could never do myself!!

I love doing 1 small load of laundry daily using our set up in the back bathroom. It keeps everything manageable and I never dread doing it! As for the toaster oven that also is staying exactly where it is. I use it for so much every day that Joe and I agreed it’s worth the space it takes up!

Late in the day Joe and I took off to hit the hot tub while the kids played. I don’t even think they knew we left!! Yeah it’s like that at the park.

We all agreed it was a super long day so we wrapped thing up by 8:30ish and pretty much went to bed! Days at the park are long and super active for the most part.

And move days are typically exhausting so we tend to be mindful of that the night before we go.

Sanibel was so beautiful driving onto the island I’ll be sure to share more if I end up guest writing again. We shall see…

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