Day 139- Guest blogger dropped the ball

I was given 1 task by Luke yesterday.

Please write one more day of our blog so I can rest up and play all out with my friends till pretty much exhaustion 😀

Did I mention we found the best travelling families in Orlando??

So what happened yesterday? It totally slipped my mind to write about the sheer awesomeness of Monday’s adventures in Orlando!

Woke up about to eat breakfast and it hit me!! Whooops. Good thing our family is all about forgiveness and understanding (most days).

Monday was another awesome day at the RV park. Kids everywhere playing and laughing.

Joe and I both agreed we had amazing productive days in our businesses. Joe selling cloud services to businesses looking to work smarter and more savvy and stop overpaying for phone systems and phone service. Go Joe!

I’m working on a certification process for my Sugar Freedom Method which helps successful, savvy women learn to kick and manage their sugar addiction so they can put all their energy back into their lives!

But I digress…

After we finished our work day we hit up Animal Kingdom for the first time. I’ve never been to Animal Kingdom and neither have the kids so that was super fun experiencing that for the first time ever!

We also got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse who just happened to be celebrating 91yrs on the planet- whooohah!!!

We learned how to draw an animated character during a quick 20 minute drawing class. That was super fun!

We honestly just had a blast walking around the park looking at all the wonders Of the park. There truly is something magical about a Disney Park. They just got it right.

Ok I’m going to end there since today is a move day and it’s always a little hectic getting the RV all ready to go!!

Thanks for being here with us. Xx

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