Day 138- Guest Writer Strikes Again!

In the words of my kids today was just as “special” as yesterday. Another words they are allowed to ask for things we typically never eat and drink like, dare I say, a Sprite and a donut.

Today we visited Animal Kingdom! We’ll share some fun things we enjoyed tomorrow when someone recounts the day- we might have another guest writer step up (wink wink)

For now I’d love to share that the girls and I had the BEST time at Cinderella’s Royal Table yesterday! It’s nearly impossible to get a reservation but when it came up on the Disney app the day before I couldn’t belp but snatch it right up!

The girls and I all have December birthdays so we decided to make it an early birthday celebration!!

Honestly the girls said they were more curious about what the inside of the castle looked like than they were in meeting the princesses UNTIL they came out to meet us while we were eating lunch!!

Then that all changed!

While we spent time at lunch, Joe walked around and hit up Space Mountian- one of his all time favorite childhood rides!!!

It was Sunday so if you’ve been following Luke for a while you know he’s a football fanatic. In fact he’s on 3 fantasy football teams and loving every minute of it.

So on Sunday he spent a part of the day watching football with his friends on the outdoor TV. When we got home from Magic Kingdom there he was with a bunch of boys all gathered around watching Patriots versus the Eagles. Of course they won. That team is on fire.

The girls said yesterday was a super magical day. I would agree.

Joe and I said we’re feeling pretty blessed these days with the life we’ve created after 15 yrs of wanting to do a trip like this.

Now we’re living the dream and enjoying the ups and downs that come with RV life with 3 young kids.

Please leave comments or share what you’ve love the most from our trip. We’d love to know.

Till tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Day 138- Guest Writer Strikes Again!

  1. This is such a magical journey for all of you! Disney has such a way of bringing out the child in all of us, especially when the princesses arrive!


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