DAY 140- Luke is back writing today!

I’m back again it’s Luke! I was feeling a little tired of writing a blog lately so I decided to take a few days break. Those few days I took a break it was also because I was spending time with all the kids at the RV park when I would usually write my blog. Today was actually a move day to Sanibel Island. It’s a small nice island right of the coast of Florida. It’s located in the Gulf of Mexico. We went out to eat tonight at a really nice place a few minutes from the RV park.

Yesterday we didn’t go to Disney unlike the most recent days. We stayed home so we could spend our last day at the RV park with all of our friends.

We played some ultimate tag in the morning and to anyone wondering what ultimate tag is I will explain it now. It’s a game with preferably more than 7 people and it’s like tag but a little different. Everyone is trying to tag everyone. If you tag someone they sit down until the person who tagged them gets tagged. If two people both tag each other at the exact same time they do Rock Paper Scissors loser sits down.

All the younger kids with shorter arms have the disadvantage but it’s still fun for all ages. After we played that for a little bit we all got out our Pokémon cards and my lacrosse sticks and we just played at the field and traded Pokémon. It was a lot of fun. We did that until about 5:00pm when I ate dinner.

Before the sun went down I played some some football with a few kids playing in the field. Most of the kids there I knew pretty well. After dark we just talked and kicked around a soccer ball for a little while until I went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about our fun day leaving the RV park and more about Sanibel Island!

One thought on “DAY 140- Luke is back writing today!

  1. Hey Luke! I have always wanted to go to Sanibel. I’ve heard there are amazing shells which I am a huge fan of! Love your writing! Keep it up; maybe you’ll be a published author someday! A sense a memoir! Enjoy the next of your travels!


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