Day 137 – Guest Writer Is Back!

Luke asked me to write again today since he stayed home and watched the NFL while the girls and I went to Cinderella’s Castle for a royal lunch!

If you hadn’t heard Luke LOVES football and player stats and fantasy football and anything that’s related to men throwing a ball down field in an attempt to get a touchdown and win the Super Bowl. 😀

It’s actually fascinating to hear him talk about his picks for the week for his fantasy football teams. He always knows exactly why he chose which player that week and why he thinks they’re the best pick!

But I digress.

Yesterday was another fun Disney afternoon. We visited Epcot Center and had dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant.

It’s wine and food tasting right now at Epcot so that always makes it more exciting to decide what you want to eat!

Given the time of year we’re visiting Disney everyone is decked out in Christmas shirts, pants, pj’s- oh yes!, lights dangling around their necks that are all lit up and much much more.

People watching has been part of the charm of going to Disney! If I see one more person in full out Christmas pajamas walking around the park I think I’m going to bust. You know those onesie adult PJ’s with the zipper that starts at your leg and ends at your neck. Yeah.

Before our incredible Disney visit- which by the way started at around 4pm so that we cold avoid more crowds- the kids enjoyed time with their friends again.

They’ve been trading Pokémon cards big time which I’m more than fine with. They’re all leaning the art of negotiation. Score!

Last night ended kinda late – around 10:30pm so I’m sure that’s why Luke asked me to guest write again.

It’s exhausting having this much fun over the last few days. Disney World has this way of making time pass super fast. Before you know it it’s 9pm and you haven’t left the park yet and my bedtime is usually 9:30/10!!!

Speaking of bedtime it’s time for me to wind down but in typical Luke style stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ve got some fun pics of what went down in Cinderella’s castle for lunch.

And as always thanks for reading and being on this journey with us!

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