Day 136- Guest Writer Is Here!

Luke asked to take a break today from writing. I mean it’s been 135 days and Luke has been writing every day since we left June 30!!

So here I am. It’s mom writing about yesterday as we head to Epcot to ride Joe’s favorite ride- Journey To Imagination- or something like that!

Luke has been having the time of his life playing football and all sorts of freeze tag games at the Thousand Trails park in Orlando.

Makes total sense that he needs a break on many levels!!

I’m kinda excited to recount yesterday to be totally honest. It was Luke, Caitlin and Sydney’s FIRST time ever at Disney. The look of amazement as night time rolled in and the castle in Magic Kingdom lit up will never be forgotten.

I read somewhere that there are OVER 10 million lights on it. Holey moles huge electric bill 😀

Yesterday late afternoon before we left for Disney was just as much a great day as Disney itself. That’s the thing. This RV adventure is one huge experience of discovering something new every day.

Yesterday just happened to include Disney which was pretty fun – and tiring!! Hence Luke asked if I would recount the day for him because I literally thing his brain hurts as much as his feet!!!

We love this current RV park so much that yesterday we got the ok to extend our stay till next Wednesday which made everyone super happy.

Did I mention there are kids here!! And dogs and wild turtles and yesterday I swear we saw a bunch of cranes! Caitlin named one Ruby, the other Lily, then there’s Bob, Jerry and Audrey. You gotta love it.

So after the kids played all day and Joe and I worked and coached clients we head out to Magic Kingdom to go on the all time classic ride- it’s a small world!

XdLuke commented the ride was kinda ridiculous with funny painted wooden structures bobbing their heads but the girls just loved seeing all the funny animals and beautifully dressed characters representing so many counties around the world

After that we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The beauty of yesterday is that we got annual passes to do Disney “the Edden way!” Basically avoiding as many crowds as possible for as many days as possible 🙂

The longest wait we had was 15 minutes for A Jungle Ride which we snuck onto right before they closed for Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party at 6pm in Magic Kingdom! At that point we headed over to Epcot quick to check it out before we ended the night.

We were like kids in a candy shop – no pun intended- although we did have cotton candy within 5min of entering the park.

I couldn’t help myself!!! It’s Disney and we never have it.

The night ended with the ride that takes place IN the huge Epcot Center Ball- spaceship earth. The kids learned all about where technology came from many moons ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

9:30pm and we found ourselves running with joy through the parking lot to our car. It was COLD last night in Disney and man we did not dress warm enough! Whoops.

We did not make that mistake tonight as we head to Disney. I’ve got winter coats!!!

Ok let’s see what today brings and I just may be guest writing again so please give a shout out and comment below so I know you were here reading and enjoying our crazy Edden Adventures! Thanks for being here with us!!!! Xoxo

5 thoughts on “Day 136- Guest Writer Is Here!

  1. Great post and picture! Luke sure has earned some time off from the blog! Enjoy the rest of your Disney fun! If you get a chance, Animal Kingdom at night (especially the free Tree of Life shows and the lights all around Pandora) are nothing short of incredible. One spot in Pandora–you’ll know it when you see it–is lit up so beautifully, you might even find happy tears of amazement rolling out of your eyes.


  2. Enjoy!! Hope Luke is up and about and feeling better. Writing a blog is hard work…having to write something everyday Wow I couldn’t!! Luke is a supper cool kid 😎


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