DAY 134

Today I wasn’t outside as much because I hurt my my left leg and foot yesterday. Today I still played outside quite a bit but I didn’t run as much. I still played ultimate tag but I didn’t run as much. I also took out my Pokémon cards and did some trades today with some kids in the RV park. Today I didn’t do as much as the recent days.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun but as I mentioned I hurt myself so later in the day I play as much. Yesterday morning at about 10:30 after my schoolwork I went outside and played some football with a few kids I met. I started that game at around 1:00pm before that we just played ultimate tag. Ultimate tag is the game all the kids love here and it’s for all ages. I will explain how it works tomorrow.

I played that game of football for about an hour and a half and then I went to the pool. I was really sore yesterday still so I only swam around for about 30 minutes. When we got back we all agreed that we would play more ultimate tag and while I was running from someone I fell in a little hole I didn’t see and hurt my left leg, That’s how it happened.

I went inside after that and rested. At about 5:30pm I went outside to play and I started running but my leg hurt so bad when I ran I decided to just write my blog. After my blog I ate some dinner and went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day today!

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