DAY 133

Today was another awesome day in the RV park. One problem is that I’m overworking my legs so much I think I like sprained my foot or something. I can’t run at all because when I just tried to I hurt myself and lost ultimate tag. At the moment while I’m writing my blog I’m icing it and it feels really good. Today it was a little colder so we ended up not going to the pool and we just played at the field all day. At night is when there is the most kids out usually so I try to play at night but tonight I just can’t.

Yesterday was another fun day. At about 12:00pm I went outside and played a little even though my legs hurt. We played some ultimate tag and football. My friend and I started up a football game and we left about an hour and a half in. I went to the pool with my dad after my mom left because I was too tired to go earlier. When we got there my friend was there so I played some good with him, his brother and my dad. We were there for about an hour until we went home and and I rested a little more. On the way home I noticed the football game we started was still going on 3 hours after we started it except different kids were playing it. That gave me a little laugh. Not to be rude to the kids but some of them were a little rude and didn’t really act appropriate. Last night was just crazy! In the middle of our game of tag 2 kids got in an argument and started fighting. Like full out fighting each other. It really surprised me! Then the kid that was fighting left and came back with his bike and ran over the other kid on purpose. Now I was really surprised with these kids. What I’ve leaned is that I have to pick my friends here wisely and stay away from others. The kids leg was hurting and he had trouble waking for about 30 minutes and then his leg just hurt. The parents of the 2 kids went over it but it just surprised me kids like a little younger than me would do that! After that incidence I just decided to go home and go to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day today!

2 thoughts on “DAY 133

  1. Yikes about the fight! And sorry to hear about your foot. Definitely think about the long game: a broken foot or ankle will sideline you for months. Better to ice up and take it super easy the next few days so you don’t make it any worse. Hope it gets better again right away!


  2. I’m catching up on your blog….had cell phone issues. A fight…some kids are just trouble makers. Steer clear of them
    Miss Carol


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