DAY 132

Today was another super fun day in the RV park with all these kids.

There must be 30 kids all running around playing tag. It’s so much fun. I haven’t been running around all too much in the RV so when we got here and I ran around all day yesterday my entire body has been aching all day because I ran so much yesterday. Today I met more kids and I’ve made more friends. I also went to the pool again today.

Yesterday was such a fun day just like today. In the morning I stayed in the RV until about 12:30 when I threw a football with my dad outside. Soon enough we got 2 kids to join and then we played some soccer on our 1 net. After a little bit of playing we had like 10 kids so we made another net out of our corn hole boards. We made some teams and soon enough we had to remake then after like 10 more kids joined in. We had the 2 oldest kids as captains. The 14 year old and the 13 year old. We decided to play to 5 goals. I scored 3 goals for my team and then I changed teams to fill a hole for them and I scored 2 goals on there team so the score was 3-2. I changed back soon after and scored the last 2 goals to make it 5-2.

Most of the kids there were fast but not very good at soccer or football. After that I went to the pool for about 2 hours with my mom, dad and sisters. We all have a great time at the pool. Also the pool is really warm and we met some kids there.

When we left it was about 6:30 so I went home wrote my blog, ate dinner and played more tag with all the other kids. Before bed I watched some football until about 9:30pm.

Yesterday was so much fun! Today was as fun if not better so stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about today’s fun!

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