DAY 131

Today has been an awesome but very tiring day. I would take a nap but it’s 6:30 at night. My parents were right! There are so many kids at this RV park it is just crazy. Also we got a really good premium spot at the campground right on the field and it was free because we are members of thousand trails RV parks and This happens to be one. It all works out great!

Yesterday was a move day to this awesome RV park. We left at around 11:30am after my moms work and we got there about an hour later. When we got there I stayed in the RV for a little while because for some reason I was really tired yesterday. At around 5:30 after watching some of the football games we went to the pool. I made a friend there but he left today so I only saw him once. We were there till 7:30pm and then we went back to the RV. I watched some of the Sunday night football and then went bed.

Yesterday I didn’t really do half as much as I did today so stay tuned tomorrow to hear about all my fun today!

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