DAY 128

This morning at around 7:45 my mom left on a flight back to New York. She is coming home tomorrow night and is going there for a 1 day event. Today we went to the pool in the rain at about 3:00pm. It was a light little drizzle but it felt good while we were in the hot tub. The pool was also really warm as usual so I played mostly in there.

Yesterday we stayed at the RV park. It wasn’t really an eventful day but we went to the pool again. At around 1:00pm after my moms work and lunch we went to the pool. We all played some tag and threw around a hacky sack.

My parents love the hot tub and probably spend 65 percent of the time in the hot tub. After the pool we just all hung out at the RV my mom went out at 7:15 with my sister and tried to buy her a bathing suit. She couldn’t find one so she came home. By then I had the football game on and watched that a little because how could I not.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about today’s fun!

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