DAY 127

Tonight I’m really tired and I didn’t really feel like writing earlier so I’m going to keep it a little shorter than normal. As I said yesterday we have so much coming up in our next few months, we are all so excited! In the mean time my mom is heading back to NY for a day for an event so we are all gonna stay at the campground. Then on Sunday we are moving the one of the most popular RV parks in Florida! It has kids everywhere I’m so excited! Now to yesterday.

Yesterday we went mini golfing. We all had a lot of fun and we even played there little hoops course. Yesterday morning was pretty average. My mom worked a little outside and then at around 12:00pm we ate lunch and left. We played at a course called jungle hill and it was a lot of fun. Every hole was uphill until the 10 hole where you were at the peak of a little mountain. There was statues everywhere too it was a lot of fun! After golfing I played a hoops course. It was a fun basketball like playground looking thing. There were backboards in all shapes and hoops in hard spots to score from. It was a lot of fun! After that we went home and played some games at home.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about today’s fun day at the campground. We went to the pool again because it’s such an awesome pool!

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