DAY 126

Right now we are on our way back from mini golfing. We all agreed it would be fun going mini golfing and we all had a good time. We have a lot coming up in November and December. We are in Orlando right now and there are so many big hotels and big places to go. There is Disney World, Universal and Sea World. There are also a lot of little water parks all over the place.

Yesterday we hung out at the RV park and played around. In the morning my mom took a call. At around 11:00 she took a little break and the girls met there friends at the pool with us. At 12:30 my mom had a call so we left. The girls then played games with each other for about 4 and a half hours. They played with salamanders and tried catching them, there are so many salamanders in Florida! At around 3:00pm my mom and I played some ping pong and foosball at the lounge. At around 6:00pm we ate some dinner and just winded down for bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day mini golfing!

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