DAY 124

Today was a long move day for us. It was about 3 and a half hours of traveling with a lunch shop at Panera Bread. Right now we are in Orlando, Florida. We will be exploring Florida until late February. It’s a big state and there is so much to do in it so we will be here for a little while. Now to yesterday!

Yesterday I stayed home and watched football all day. We usually don’t have the tv on during the day unless it’s Sunday then it’s football day! Sunday’s are one of my favorite days because it’s Sunday, and footballs on and it’s the end of the week.

My parents left with my sisters at around 12:00pm so I watched the pre game show then. While they were out they checked out more around Saint Augustine and drove over an island at sunset. They had a great time.

In the meanwhile I was watching my favorite team, the Jets lose again! They were playing a team that haven’t won a game all season so I was mad to watch them lose. The team the lost to was the dolphins. They haven’t won a game since last Christmas! until now. There was way more better games on that we really close. It was an awesome day to watch football. I watched the games till 9:30 when Sunday night football was in action so that’s how my day went.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about our long move day today and our RV park!

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