DAY 123

Today I didn’t do to much because it was football day! My parents went out with my sisters while I stayed home and watched the games and just chilled. They checked out an island and went back to Saint Augustine. They had a great time. The Jets lost again, except this time they lost to a team that haven’t won a game all season. It was a little frustrating to watch.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with our friends! The morning was pretty normal till 10:00am when we left. We met them at there house and at 1:15pm we left to go to lunch. We went to a nice restaurant and all ate some lunch. After that we walked down a nice brick street with a lot of shops just lined down the street.

We eventually stopped and went to a fort that was towards the end of the street. The fort was still in very good shape and it looked very nice. We walked around the outside of the fort and then got some ice cream. The ice cream was really good.

It was made in the shop they served it in. After that we checked out one of the oldest schools in America. Then we went home and they came with us. We had a little party with them when they came back and we all played around the RV. At 9:30pm they left the and we all went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about the football games today and what my parents and my sisters did with a little more detail!

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