DAY 121

Today was a normal day. I was tired from the past days and my mom seemed very tired too so we stayed home. The high today down in Florida was 69 so I would assume anybody that lives up north like around New York was pretty cold today. We actually managed to get to the pool and I was pretty thrilled.

The pool was pretty warm and it was nice but after we were all freezing, except for my dad who had the genius idea to not go in! He stayed warm while we all froze.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun trick or treating I’ll tell you all about.

Yesterday morning while my parents worked I played around the RV with my sisters. At around 1:00pm we left for our friends house. We played at the house for about 30 minutes till the kids got picked up from school. I was really looking forward to tricker treating and maybe see a few kids. They live in a private neighborhood so the houses were really close together and looked the same. There was a lot of decorations for each house and it made the neighborhood look nice.

We played at there house and got our costumes on and at 6:00pm we went out. Now back on Long Island I was very settled and happy with like 20 kids roaming around the whole neighborhood and was holing for about the same here, but No! They had at least 50 kids on each street and when I asked someone told me each house has about 2 kids. I was so surprised! Every second another knock at the door. We couldn’t even leave! When we finally did and we changed streets there were just more and more kids.

It’s got to be awesome living in a community with that many kids. Unless your a senior on Halloween it might be a little annoying answering the door every second. Unless you like doing that every year.

At around 7:30 we got on our friends golf cart with them and got more houses in less time. Overall it was so much fun! Except for the fact of how tired I was when I got home.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our fun day at the RV park and the pool. And a little piece of where we are going tomorrow because we have plans.

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