DAY 119

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very good and I just couldn’t get to my blog. I was sleeping all day and just laying down. It was really a pretty slow day for me. My past 2 days before they have been crazy though! I went to a Jets game and went golfing with my dad back to back days!

I’m going to start with Sunday and the Jets game, that was just so much fun. At around 10:45 we left the house with my sisters and a sitter we hired. It was about a 20 minute ride there plus to a find a parking spot, we found one in the back of a lot at 11:15.

We tailgated a little and threw around a football, I had a great time and soon enough we walked over to security. We figured out you couldn’t have a bag as big as my moms so my dad had to run all the way back to the lot we parked at. When he got back we were in the front of the line for security and we got in! The stadium was huge but it had no roof like most stadiums so we were hoping for no rain.

At about 12:30 we were in our seat and we met our friends. If I didn’t make it clear we were meeting some of my moms friends!

there. Our seats were really, really good! We were so close we almost caught one of the jerseys they shot in the stands. Someone right in front of us caught it!

At 1:00pm the game started. The jets actually took an early lead up 7-6 but later started losing. At halftime we were losing 14-7. At halftime there was a little league fun scrimmage in the field where they played against each other. There were little kids on teams probably about my age playing a game against each other. It was quite fascinating to watch!

After halftime the second half started and it just started going downhill from there. It started raining for about 20 minutes and we just kept on losing. I ate some lunch during the second half and with about 15 minutes left in the game our friends left, and they made the right choice!

We left with 4 minutes left and we were losing 15-29 and that was the final score. When we got in our car we got instantly stopped by the cars in front of us. We didn’t move for 45 minutes. When we finally left we saw that the front of our lot all cut in front of us even though we were in the car longer, but eventually we left. Sunday was so much fun!

On Monday I went golfing with my dad early in the morning. We left by around 8:30am. When we got to the golf course we checked in and started playing. We have never played there so we had some troubles finding where the water was and where the holes where.

Luckily we got paired up with someone who played there normally so he told us a little! I started my game really well but towards the end I stared to fall apart. It was a a lot of fun! The rest of the day after golfing I just napped and napped. Between the football game on Sunday and golfing the day after I was exhausted.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well so I didn’t really do anything. Also tonight is the last game of the baseball World Series. Whoever wins tonight wins this season so I would recommend to watch it if you get the chance. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about today’s move day and where we are now!

2 thoughts on “DAY 119

  1. Hi Luke
    I missed several days of your blog…but am completely caught now. Glad you’re feeling better and still enjoying your adventure!
    Miss Carol


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