DAY 115

I’m super excited for tomorrow’s football game! We are going to tailgate for a little while before the game which I’ve never done. Today while my parents and my sisters went to the beach I stayed home and watched some college football. It’s very interesting to watch!

Yesterday was the day after a move day and we usually don’t go anywhere that day. Yesterday morning I did my schoolwork and went outside. At around 12:00 when my mom finished work she went out by herself and checked out the area. After that my dad and I left to play some mini golf. The first place we went to didn’t open for another 30 minutes, so we went to a different place farther away.

When we got there we figured out it had an arcade too so after the round we played there. At the end of the round my dad and I tied with a 37 which is an awesome score! After that we played at the huge arcade but sadly most of the games were rigged in someway or another. At the end I had a lot of fun and won my sisters some fun stuff. After that we went out for ice cream and went home. By the time we got home it was around 6:00pm so we just hung out in the RV.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear a little about the football game and all about today.

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