DAY 114

Today I spent a few hours out with my dad. We played mini golf. Went to an arcade and got some ice cream. It was a lot of fun! While we were doing that my sisters went to the pool and hung out with my mom. Today was a lot of fun!

Yesterday was a move day, that is now pretty normal to all of us because we have them often. Yesterday morning my mom took a few calls and did some work and we left by around 11:30. At 2:30 when we arrived my mom was a little upset with the campground. I love it and so do my sisters. It has a pool and a playground and a lake with some floatables and a volleyball net. I don’t know if we’re are going go in though. For the rest of the afternoon we just biked around and hung out in the RV park. And after that I watched football with my mom.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear more about my fun day with my dad!

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